Monday, February 19, 2007

Eyes Wide Open

Yesterday I went to this exhibit, Eyes Wide Open, the Human Cost of the Irag War. It was put together to honor the soldiers from Arizona and some of the citizens of Iraq. It was quite moving. Over the next week I will be showing some of the photos shot at the exhibit and as you will see there are no people shots, the boots and shoes are empty and I think my photos should be the same. My hopes, that when people will see these, it will inspire them to speak of peace and maybe take some action. Hey I can hope.


Blogger Robert said...

The only way there will be a change is if the people stand up and voice their displeasure. The polls say that 75% of the population is unhappy with the current situation, but noting is resolved by responding to polls. Polls are only numbers, and numbers don't count unless they are dollars. I look forward to seeing your images of the exhibition.

7:46 AM  

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