Sunday, August 12, 2007

One door closes.

As they say "when one door closes, another always opens." Well the door has closed on Fotografia Phoenix and its off to Santa Fe for new a adventure. Keep your eyes open for a new Phoenix Daily Photo site. I think I have a friend convinced to continue the site. She is a wonderful artist and I think you will enjoy her photos. By the way this is an elevator door at the Phoenix Public Library. And a big THANK YOU to everyone who has stopped by and shared there thought. Peace!


Blogger lv2scpbk said...

I'm sorry to see you go.

If you want to go on a treasure hunt in your hometown, go to my website to learn more.

5:55 AM  
Blogger Shek said...

this is a very cool shot. good luck in the new city.

6:33 AM  
Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I can't wait to meet your friend. :) It will be good to get to see Phoenix. I'm also looking forward to see Santa Fe again, too. :)
Take care, Randy.

12:12 PM  
Blogger Lori said...

I'm too sad for words :( Randy, I'm going to miss you too much. It still hasn't quite sunk in.

5:00 PM  
Blogger Olivier said...

a bientot pour tes prochaines aventures à Santa Fe. Bon emménagement.

has soon for your next adventures with Santa Fe. Good emménagement.

11:45 PM  
Blogger Hyde DP said...

Well you lasted a full twelve months is very good.

Best wishes with the move.

12:44 AM  
Blogger Web Design Portfolio said...

I made the move from Albuquerque to Phoenix 6 months ago. You will find Santa Fe keeps its cultural roots through its architecture--it makes for great photos. I've started my Phoenix Photo blog & Gallery at

6:20 PM  

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